Colin Campbell was already taking pictures at age eight when he caught lightning over the Grand Canyon with his twin lens reflex camera. Over 20 years later his photo of a bolt of lightning as it struck a tennis court became a nationally distributed poster and the source of his firm's name, Speed of Light. With a primary studio in La Jolla, CA. he also has a satellite office in Hollywood.

He has photographed the Golden Globe Awards, and Vanna White's home for a Dream Homes cover. His photos of Brooke Shields and Madonna have been published here and abroad. Campbell's advertising photography has appeared in The Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and The San Diego Union. His work is often found in magazines such as Dream Homes International, Distinctive Homes, Prudential Masterpiece, and The Cobb Report.

His award winning Western Landscape photography has been the focus of newspaper articles, many gallery exhibits and has appeared in various publications including House & Garden. Celebrities, socialites, business leaders, and artists have bought his stunning landscapes.

‘I go out there and find the sort of places people don’t think exist in America anymore’, says Campbell. ‘But you have to get off the highway, get out of the hotel room and go off road to see the real beauty of these timeless, unspoiled landscapes—and you can only do this by camping out’.

Campbell’s career began at Cal-Arts, rated the #1 college for Photography & Video, where his talents earned him an internship at Arnold Shapiro Productions in Hollywood, working on numerous television specials, researching future projects, and on the hit series ‘Rescue 911’. Along with his photography he is currently working on a television project based on   “The Great Outdoors”.

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